This semester, when I began Photography 1050, all I had hoped for was to learn how to use my camera; I didn't expect to get so much more out of the class.  I am pleased to say, in addition to having learned how to operate my camera, I have also learned how to compose photos in a skillful and artistic manner, and most importantly, I have learned how to affect the world in a positive way through photography.  I now know that I can use the skills I've learned to call attention to important subjects like homelessness, disease, hunger, and all other social problems that the world my be faced with in my lifetime.  I can use photography to document and persuade my audience, which in the end will hopefully inspire them to aid in my mission and commit to causes of their own. 

It was through this means of documentary that I chose to record a very meaningful event in my and my sons' lives.  We just attended a family reunion with my father, who is very sick and who's future is unsure.  I wanted to be able to remember this trip and the time we were able to spend with him.  I wanted to be able to show these photos to my son when he is older and no longer able to remember the trip for himself.  Photography is going to serve as my means of accomplishing this.  Photography will not only aid his and my memories, but will also serve as a permanent record of the relationship and love between my son and his grandfather.  Before beginning this class I had no idea how important of tool photography really was.  I now see it as so much more than I had prior to completing this class.

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