I was recently given the opportunity to participate in a group math project.  I would like to take the time to explain what I learned about how math can be applied to the real world.  In my group project we were able to graph inequalities and a profit function, to demonstrate how you could maximize profit in a real life situation.  I was able to see, through math how businesses actually used math in their day to day procedures.  I used to believe that math was only used in math class. I thought that the only time I would ever really use math was in college, and then after that I would leave all that I learned behind.   My idea changed dramatically after this group project.

        I never understood how graphing lines on a piece of graph paper could actually give pertinent information,   such as what you could do to increase the profit of your company.  I learned that the lines of a graph actually represent information, and useful information at that.  I never really understood what they meant before.  I thought that you just had a point, and had to know how to stick them in their correct spots.  I never understood how vertices, or where the lines crossed, actually told you information, like how much you would make if you were to sell x amount of desks, and y amount of bookshelves. 

After participating in this group project I realized that math actually has a place in the world.  It is useful, and gives us important and much needed information.  I learned that the numbers are not just meaningless jargon for mathematicians and scientists, but have practical purpose for everyday people, such as myself.   I learned that you can actually explore the avenues of manufacturing within a company and get information regarding what you should, or should not be producing.  Math can be helpful in one of the most important ways, profit!  In conclusion, I learned that not only is math useful in everyday life, but it is also essential.


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