The Reach Program is a non profit organization that helps children who have been taken from abusive and neglectful homes.  I worked with them over the course of a year, completing two separate projects for their benefit that resulted in many donations and funds being raised.

The Bruin Campus Cupboard was founded by students in the Social Work Association here at SLCC and has continued to be student ran ever since. My work here at the Pantry Coordinator consists mainly of helping students receive food.  To make that happen I monitor the deliveries from the food bank and maintain communication with our contact there, help students check in, make sure shelves are stocked with food, train volunteers, and make sure the pantry is open at the times I'm accountable to do so. 

Reach Salt Lake is a part of the Salt Lake Baptist Association and is a pantry aimed at serving an underprivileged part of Salt Lake City.  My service here began 2016 and continues to this day.  I help by translating for Spanish speaking clients, getting them processed so they can receive food.  I also did a project that benefitted their organization while in English 2010.  The project was aimed at helping them to create the first of many lessons for their upcoming ESL classes, which I will soon be helping to teach.

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